Mother and her feather hat!Aug. 29th

I was going though pictures this summer and saw this terrific one of my Mom and Dad on the beach, Mom  in this fabulous Turquoise feather hat! ( Yes on the beach yet!)

She sat and told me how she had written this story about the hat in her writing group a few years back and I asked if I could share.. ” oh of course dear! ”

1965 Hawaii - Mom and Dad with his new flight crew

Mommy, where are you!    by Lula Reed

Have you ever been charged by a six foot Emu? Well, if you have, you will know how scared I was. If you haven’t, you will be skeptical and requiring a little proof. Here it is.

The place was a wildlife reserve on the outskirts of Sydney. The emu was obviously intrigued by my colorful blue feather hat. “Mommy, is that you?, I could hear him calling, as he charged towards me, his large beady eyes, level with mine. The larger still, beak, appeared ready and eager to begin pecking, or whatever it is they do when they greet one of their kind. As our eyes locked, my heart sounded like jungle drums.

Mom holding on to her precious hat!


After the terror subsided, all I could think of was, “No, you are not going to have my adorable feather hat.” !!!

feeding the kangaroos

feeding the kangaroos

I had purchased this fully collapsible and expandable hat in Hawaii on the way to Australia in 1964, while accompanying my husband, Jack, on one of his South Pacific Vancouver-Sydney trips. It was perfect for wearing to the beach, concealing my curlers. That way, I could have fun and relaxation on the beach and then rush in the door to our hotel and be ready for dining and dancing. I would revel in the cleverness of this hat, which later, I replaced with black feathers, the blue ones having molted through the years.

I never had an emu or any other two legged creature come charging towards me, ever again. I guess the black feathers don’t have the same fascination, but then I don’t exactly test it in the wild anymore, either.

If I were in England, I could well have worn it to attend the festivities for Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee – She may have reigned for 60 years, but I have kept company with an Australian Emu and at age 80 my 48 year old hat is still wearable!

Thank you Mom!

xo Lisa


Vintage inspired photographyAug. 19th

As some of you may know, I love to create vintage inspired outfits for special occasions  and I did so a little while back for Tori Johnson creator of the sToribook Blog.  Her son was turning one, and she wanted to have an early 1900′s County Fair themed party!  Tori supplied me with her color scheme and the over all feel of what she wanted.  I came up with this wonderful Madras plaid fabric that I used for the vest and page boy hat, and I used soft wide whale cord for the nickers in indigo.  The final touch was the little bow tie in seersucker blue and white.  Love it!!

Below are some of the  amazing images of Tori and her adorable son taken by photographer Rhobin Tudyk of Rhobin’s Nest Photography. With over 15 years of experience she has captured this vintage county fair look and feel perfectly!  As Rhobin put’s it  ”Photography is a passion of mine and I am honored to be entrusted to capsulate such incredible moments in time.”

For more pictures from this themed party, please visit the sToribook Blog and Rhobin’s Nest Photgraphy.

xo Lisa

Photographer Spotlight… Jennifer CarverApr. 18th

Many of you may have seen some of her fabulous images throughout our site.  Jennifer Carver of Jen Carver Photography, has enthralled me with her photography style.   She manages to capture children in their natural character with such vivid expressions and enchanting poses.   Jennifer , an award winning photographer, has a background in commercial photography and specializes in professional child portraits.  I have really enjoyed working with Jennifer over the last year, and have gotten to know her as a thoughtful, kind and extremely talented woman.  With the use of natural light, her wonderful choice of landscapes and vintage surroundings Jen creates imagery that is amazing.  You will see by our interview, she truly loves her career in the art of Photography.

A few questions for Jennifer:

1. If you could choose to photograph any time period using the technology of today, when would that era be and why?

Gosh. There are so many different era’s that I would love to photograph, but if I had to choose one it would probably be the 18th century, preferably the early years! I am just addicted to vintage inspired anything!! I love how the colors were so soft and delicate and the fabrics were of such fine quality. It was such a period of change.. that photographing the people during that time frame to me would be so fascinating.. It was such a time for change in the fashion world as well as people were looking for comfort factor as well as style. I really think this era still influences the fashion world today! I also see lots of parallels between kids of that era and kids of today.

2. What was your most memorable photo shoot and why?

 My most memorable sessions are certainly with my girls. Sometimes they are planned often times they are not.. but too see them grow and change through the lens of my camera is just a gift that is unmeasurable.

3. What is your favorite saying?

 ”When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell.

4. When you look back ,what do you consider to be the most important moment in your career?

 Probably the day I purchased my first camera. Something came over me that day… I remember contacting and old Commercial Photographer that I had worked with and asked him to review some of my work to see if he saw any potential.. and when his response was positive..without a second of hesitation I literally hung up the phone and purchased a new camera, software, the works without consulting my husband , family, friends…. Something inside me took over and I just went for it, without any hesitation and fear. That has pretty much been my approach to photography ever since! It was like falling in love.. and taking a leap of faith. Now I can’t imagine my life without it.

5. What tips would you give people on how to balance work with life?

I’m not sure I should be giving any tips in this department! I admit, I am not the best at balancing… it is so difficult to balance when you have a passion for something.. but seeing my kids suffer a bit from my time in front of the computer over the past seasons forced me to realize what is really important, and to make some changes. I decided to put together a long term plan and really determine where my strengths were as a photographer and what i enjoyed the most. With that, came some tough decisions, but decisions that opened up lots of new possibilities … I no longer photograph newborns or family sessions. I am focusing my work on children 1 and up, as well as commercial projects. I also really enjoy teaching other photographers. So this year I launched “The Workshop” where I will be traveling to different cities teaching other photographers everything from marketing, styling and processing and we will go on location to shoot… With these new changes, I will be doing limited client sessions so that I am able to manage my time more efficiently and be present in my family life.

6. When and why did you choose to become a photographer?

In a sense I think Photography chose me! I worked alongside photographers for about 18 years as a Marketing/Art Director never thinking to step behind the camera myself at least a professional one.. It wasn’t until after I left the commercial Industry and had my two girls that I looked at photography in a whole new light.. Although I had documented the better part of my life through the years, it had new meaning when I started photographing my girls…I was so inspired by them and didn’t want to miss capturing one second of their little lives. From there it has turned into so much more… through Photography I have met so many wonderful people and developed so many friendships. It has been a life changing experience. I could kick myself all of those years for not doing it back then, when I was working with such incredible talent, and had more time …but I realize everything happens for a reason.. you go through this path in life not knowing what door will open next.. it has been such a wonderful adventure so far!

Website        Facebook

Thank you Jennifer!

Launch giveaway number one!!!Apr. 2nd

Well it’s time for Lisa’s Mini Mad Hattery to have a giveaway!  This week we are starting off with three amazing vendors!  The Organic Bloom, Jen Carver photography and Flourish by Nichole Van and of course I couldn’t have this giveaway without adding in a hat!    We will be having a couple of giveaways throughout this month, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter for events and specials!  Have fun and please check out their fabulous Websites!

Jewel of the Nile mini top hat

One Jewel of the Nile Mini Top Hat


One 8 x 10 creative photo frame

One 8x10 creative art picture frame

  The Organic Bloom makes curvy, spunky, and elegant frames- available exclusively through professional portrait photographers.

Winner to receive one beautiful and creative 8 x 10 picture frame!


One Photography workshop value $600

Jen Carver workshop valued at $600

” One Day Workshop – your choice Pittsburgh, PA May 12 or Indianapolis, IN July 14th. * Transportation and accommodations not included. Click on the link for more details..

facebook   website


$50 Gift Certificate Flourish

$50 Gift certificate  from Flourish

Textures ~ Actions ~ Presets ~ Borders ~ Templates

Nichole Van Photography            shop     facebook    


Here’s what you need to do to enter to win …

Please leave ONE comment below this blog post stating that you completed step 1 below:

1. Visit Jen Carver Photography, Flourish, and The Organic Bloom’s Facebook page, like their page then come back here and leave ONE comment letting us know that you did this.  This one comment will serve as your giveaway entry.



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The launch giveaway starts today and ends Saturday April 7th at midnight PST. One  winner will be selected by random number generator and announced here on the blog on April 8th . The winner will have 24 hours to claim their winnings or another winner will be selected. Good luck to all!


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Featured Photographers… Sassyfras StudiosMar. 27th

I am in love with the talented artwork of these two sisters.  Welcome Sassyfras Studios!  I had the pleasure of working with Christen Lucas and Lauren Wagoner a few weeks ago. As you will see in the interview below, they are quite an inspiring duo. They put together an amazing set and used a couple of our newest pieces to create a magical and enchanting land.   These gals see the world in technicolor and this definitely shows in their images.  Stories are told, love is felt and beauty is seen in every detail…

1.  If you could choose to photograph any time period using the technology of today, when would that era be and why?

We definitely both agree it would be around the 1940s-1950s for a bazillion different reasons…. but i’ll limit it to just 3 :)

1. The CLOTHES! aaaah… so many days I daydream of dusting my home in a “twirl”worthy dress, babies cooing in the background with the roast in the oven. <— like a dress could do all that. Seriously, though, we love the fashion of that time period. There is something so romantic about post-war dresses and their adorable hats.

2. The MOVIES! Cryssi and I were raised on old movies. The girls in our family would snuggle under the blankets on a Friday night, being swept away by Carey Grant, Jimmy Stewart and James Garner. Some of our favorites were and still are Pillow Talk, The Thrill of It All, You Can’t Take it With You, or Arsenic and Old Lace. We now make our hubbies watch them with us ;)

3. The MUSIC! There is something about the music of that era that just makes you want to get up and do the jitterbug. Favorites like Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley {a huge fave of Cryssi’s- she even had a life size poster in her room for years, yup, it’s true} the McGuire sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra…. on and on and on. My hubby still sings When I fall in Love to me while we dance.

2. What was your most memorable photo shoot and why?

Cryssi- Before Sassyfras was even begun, Cryssi did a photoshoot of our meemaw and peepaw for a project in college.  Those pictures will probably always be out favorites of them… two precious souls snuggled up at their home on the lake.  It was the last photo shoot ( and one of the only) of our best friend meemaw Margie, before she passed away.  When we began Sassyfras, we knew she was such a huge part of it and would have loved the name.

Lollie- Cryssi recently took my birthing pictures of baby Adelveis.  It was the first birth she had been a part of and in my opinion, she captured my favorite pictures she has ever taken.  I am a huge sucker for photojournalistic photography… and she did just that.  She captured every single emotion of the day from pain to fear to extreme joy.  Every time I look through the pics I cry :)

3. What is your favorite saying?

OK, just for fun these are a bit silly

Lollie- “Modest is Hottest!” :) Yes, I sometimes say this at shoots. I think it is important for our young ladies to know that you do not have to show it all off to be gorgeous. I say it to my youth girls at church and have said it quite often at shoots {as Cryssi laughs and shakes her head in embarrassment}

Cryssi- “Just Sayin”… she literally says “just sayin” after everything she says :) “this picture looks awesome, just sayin”…”I love your outfit, just sayin” “you have a booger in your nose, just sayin”

4. When you look back ,what do you consider to be the most important moment in your career?

Honestly when we took the huge leap of faith and began Sassyfras. Both of our hubbies were financially making next to nothing. Cryssi quit her job and we watched children during the day and did shoots in the evenings and every weekend. Our hubbies let us drain our savings to buy all the equipment we needed… some weeks I would just sit and pray that God would send shoots our way, and He always did. Our goal was to go full time in 5 years and we did it in 8 months. We have never done without or had a need too big that it was not met by our precious Father. Some people would just say that God had nothing to do with it, it was all of our talent… But, I have seen His hand at work through so many precious people He has sent our way. I have to give Him credit!

5. What tips would you give people on how to balance work with life?

Bahahaha… for some reason this question made me laugh. I {Lollie} am a new mother of 2 and have no idea what the word Balance means! Both of our hubbies are youth pastors so we basically are either living at the church or on a shoot. The thing that has worked best for us is from the beginning we sat down and discussed our priorities. We always wanted God to be first so we try to never miss our Monday and Wednesday evening youth services… plus, we do not shoot on Sundays. That is a huge deal because we only shoot 2 hours prior to sunset and can only shoot 1 session a day… SOOOOO, 3 of our days are pretty much off limit to shoots. Then on the other days we schedule sessions, DIY projects, design props, etc… The thing I wish I could tell people {and am constantly telling myself} is there is no job in the world that should replace your relationship with God and your family. ALWAYS, put Him and the ones you love above it. There are days I have to push the computer aside and just play or paint with my girls… or Cryssi has to just get away for a date night and it is always worth it. I know I will never regret these moments I spend with my family.

6.  When and why did you choose to become a photographer?

We have always loved taking pictures… but really wanted to become a storyteller about 4 or so years ago. We have been taking pictures for years but just wanted more from it. We are huge dreamers and have big ideas for our sessions… and I hope we continue to dream. We want more than anything to tell people’s stories in unique ways. We love anything fun and different and are constantly inspired when someone says “go out of the box with us” There is something magical about capturing those precious moments {baby’s first breath, saying “I-Do”, family’s snuggling under the clouds…} it is just an honor and in my opinion, the best “job” in the world.



Hats off to both of you, and your talent that you are sharing with the world. Thank you so much Christen and Lauren!

For more images and great crafting ideas please visit their blog at

Wander…Mar. 22nd

“The world that has made us can no longer contain us”…

The age in which our young girls are too big for the ” little girls” clothing , but not quite big enough for the ” Junior” section.  The wants of a young girl to be stylish, but comfortable.  With this is mind  two Mom’s ( Shannon Sewell photographer, and Lisa Tice Designer )  got together  to collaborate  and design a line to fill this gap and came up with WANDER..

For a look at more images of our line  and our featured piece please visit  or

We are offering 15% off until Sunday March 25th  with coupon code ” laceshift15 ” .

Please come and check out our feature in Dreamer Journal “a creative sketch book” .

Ready..set..launch!Mar. 7th

What an exciting day! We are launching our new e-commerce site…This has been in the works for a while now, and thanks to the wonderful creatives at Quirky Bird Web Designs, we are off and running!  Stay tuned over the next few days to hear about some exciting stuff going on here at the hattery..

This beautiful image was taken by the talented Nichole Van of Nichole V photography

Happy New Year!Jan. 2nd

This has been quite an amazing and exciting year !!  I wanted to thank all the photographers who sent in images of their work, all of them are so beautiful!   It has been such a pleasure creating pieces for so many photo shoots and workshops.  I am looking forward to seeing more in 2012!

Here are a few new images from 2011..

Happy New Year and welcome 2012!