Mother and her feather hat!Aug. 29th

I was going though pictures this summer and saw this terrific one of my Mom and Dad on the beach, Mom  in this fabulous Turquoise feather hat! ( Yes on the beach yet!)

She sat and told me how she had written this story about the hat in her writing group a few years back and I asked if I could share.. ” oh of course dear! ”

1965 Hawaii - Mom and Dad with his new flight crew

Mommy, where are you!    by Lula Reed

Have you ever been charged by a six foot Emu? Well, if you have, you will know how scared I was. If you haven’t, you will be skeptical and requiring a little proof. Here it is.

The place was a wildlife reserve on the outskirts of Sydney. The emu was obviously intrigued by my colorful blue feather hat. “Mommy, is that you?, I could hear him calling, as he charged towards me, his large beady eyes, level with mine. The larger still, beak, appeared ready and eager to begin pecking, or whatever it is they do when they greet one of their kind. As our eyes locked, my heart sounded like jungle drums.

Mom holding on to her precious hat!


After the terror subsided, all I could think of was, “No, you are not going to have my adorable feather hat.” !!!

feeding the kangaroos

feeding the kangaroos

I had purchased this fully collapsible and expandable hat in Hawaii on the way to Australia in 1964, while accompanying my husband, Jack, on one of his South Pacific Vancouver-Sydney trips. It was perfect for wearing to the beach, concealing my curlers. That way, I could have fun and relaxation on the beach and then rush in the door to our hotel and be ready for dining and dancing. I would revel in the cleverness of this hat, which later, I replaced with black feathers, the blue ones having molted through the years.

I never had an emu or any other two legged creature come charging towards me, ever again. I guess the black feathers don’t have the same fascination, but then I don’t exactly test it in the wild anymore, either.

If I were in England, I could well have worn it to attend the festivities for Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee – She may have reigned for 60 years, but I have kept company with an Australian Emu and at age 80 my 48 year old hat is still wearable!

Thank you Mom!

xo Lisa


Happy New Year!Jan. 2nd

This has been quite an amazing and exciting year !!  I wanted to thank all the photographers who sent in images of their work, all of them are so beautiful!   It has been such a pleasure creating pieces for so many photo shoots and workshops.  I am looking forward to seeing more in 2012!

Here are a few new images from 2011..

Happy New Year and welcome 2012!




Featured Photographer – Nichole VanJul. 3rd

Earlier this year I had the great privilege of creating a hat for photographer Nichole Van of  Nichole V Photography.  It was so exciting to use a French Baroque theme for this mini hat and to watch Nichole transform her photos into works of Art.   As some of you may know, Nichole won the prestigious International 8×10 Portrait of the Year from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) for 2007, as well as many other awards Internationally.    I Love the amazing landscapes and the sense of magic her photography portrays!  Nichole also has Flourish , an Emporium for Photographers, with her wonderful Heirloom Textures, Brush sets and more..check them out they are fantastic!!

Nichole travels across America and internationally holding Photography workshops,  soon she is off to Australia!!  Nichole is definitely an inspiration to me, I find her to be such a kind and warm hearted person, with so much knowledge and wisdom to share.  Nichole was so gracious with her reply when  I asked her a few fun questions…


1.  If you could choose to photograph any time period using the technology of today, when would that era be and why?

Yay! LOVE this question . . . . but man, talk about a hard one to answer. I honestly think that I’d love to photograph ancient Rome . . . . I think that the colors and architecture would be amazing. Not to mention that all those togas would create some nice drama, haha.

2. What was your most memorable photo shoot and why?

Mmmmmmm, this is another good question . . . . I think my favorite sessions have been shooting my own children in amazing locations like ghost towns and such. They’re also the most memorable shoots because they involve driving long distances, listening to my kids melting down in the car and then all the crying and whining during the session, haha. I love the results in the end, but I could still do without all the drama!

3. What is your favorite saying?

“Photography is 1 percent talent and 99 percent moving furniture” –Arnold Newman. That saying is so painfully true!

4. What do you consider to be the most important moment in your career?

Mmmmmm, honestly, the most critical decision was to purchase the full version of Photoshop instead of staying with Photoshop Elements. Granted, this was many years ago, but I’m still in awe over how much that one decision changed everything for me.

5. What tips would you give people on how to balance work with life?

Well, my best advice is to hire a nanny, haha. But that isn’t always practical or feasible. So my next best advice is to become a better photographer in camera. As a photographer, you sometimes feel like you spend your life in front of your computer in Photoshop. And photographers always assume that a faster workflow will help them gain back precious time with
their families. But in reality, if your photos are nearly perfect out of camera, then the amount of time you have to spend processing them is really minimal. So I focus on spending an extra 5-10 minutes with a client to ensure that their images are perfect SOOC and then I don’t have to spend hours in Photoshop “fixing” problems!

6. What is your favorite journey?

Again, I LOVE your questions. My favorite journey is the journey I take every day with my little family . . . I love watching them grow and change. For me personally, I feel that I am a constant student. I LOVE to learn and so I’m always on some sort of journey to learn something new, to stuff even more knowledge into my head. I think that the second you stop learning, you
stagnate as an artist.

Thank you so much Nichole!

some  of Nicole Vans amazing images..

what a fun picture!  These children are definitely not camera shy!

I love this one!

The colors and heirloom styled texture below are simply amazing