Wander…Mar. 22nd

“The world that has made us can no longer contain us”…

The age in which our young girls are too big for the ” little girls” clothing , but not quite big enough for the ” Junior” section.  The wants of a young girl to be stylish, but comfortable.  With this is mind  two Mom’s ( Shannon Sewell photographer, and Lisa Tice Designer )  got together  to collaborate  and design a line to fill this gap and came up with WANDER..

For a look at more images of our line  and our featured piece please visit http://shannonsewell.com/theblankpage/  or http://lisasminimadhattery.com

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Please come and check out our feature in Dreamer Journal “a creative sketch book” .

Lisa’s Fine Frocks..Oct. 12th

Talk about inspiration.. wooly lambs, Scottish Highlands, bag pipes!  I LOVE anything Tartan.   A lot of different textures and styling went into the making of our first Fine Frocks line.  A small collection of pieces from soft bamboo tank dresses to curly faux lamb capelets.. oh and we can’t forget “The Tartan Toaster”  handbag!



Highland fur capelet, tartan skirt with ruffled gusset, funky wool leg warmers and the tartan toaster

Tartan ruffled tank dress with linen denim vest and arm stockings

All of these amazing images were captured by one of our Featured PhotographersShannon Sewell.  Shot on location in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks Shannon!

Featured Photographer – Shannon SewellJun. 3rd

This is my first post featuring a photographer.  I plan on highlighting a new photographer every other week or so – so check back to see some amazing talent!  Would you like to be highlighted?  Please e-mail me images using Lisa’s Mini Mad Hats and tell us a bit about yourself.  Anyway, along the way I have met so many amazing photographers who have been willing to help and promote my little business.  I am in awe of their talent and how they view the world.  My first featured photographer is Shannon Sewell.  Shannon and I live close to each other so we have been able to meet up, chat and get to know each other.  Here is a bit about Shannon…

When I first met Shannon, I was struck by her kindness.  Shannon is warm, open and supportive.  She possesses the instant charisma that attracts you and hers is laced with genuine warmth.  When I asked her if she would like to be our first Featured Photographer, she kindly accepted.  Of course!  Please visit Shannon’s website and check out her work, she is wonderfully talented and a kind person to boot!

If you could choose to photograph any time period using the technology of today, when would that era be and why? the 70′s for sure.  i’m a total hippy-boho girl at heart… love & being unique were in vogue (both things i love to capture) and everything would already be styled for me!

What was your most memorable photo shoot and why? there are two… the first is of my kids.  it was one that ended with me in tears (non-cooperative subjects, bad light, none of my visions were coming to fruition) but somehow i managed to get a handful of my favorite images ever out of it.  just goes to show that when you are photographing subjects you love, you can’t go wrong.  the second was when i got to go on tour with a band and shoot for a few days.  it was such a different experience than my normal children’s photography… loved the behind the scenes, constant contact, impulsive experience.

What is your favorite saying? ‘be the change you want to see in the world’

What do you consider to be the most important moment in your career? actually deciding to make my passion my job.  i used to think it was naivety that made me do it… it was actually pretty brave and it has pushed me to levels i never imagined.  very thankful for that leap.

What tips would you give people on how to balance work with life? you HAVE to prioritize and stick with it.  at the end of the day what will you really be proud of and what will make you smile?  those are the priorities.

What is your favorite journey? parenthood.  it is a crazy, ever changing, up & down ride but there is nothing in life that has changed me more (for the better) or made me feel more fulfilled.  always excited for it’s next turn :)


Shannon Sewell Lisa Mini Mad Hat


Shannon Sewell Lisa Mini Mad Hat


Shannon Sewell Lisa Mini Mad Hat


Shannon Sewell Lisa's Mini Mad Hats


Shannon Sewell Lisa's Mini Mad Hattery


Shannon Sewell and Lisa's Mini Mad Hat