Mother and her feather hat!Aug. 29th

I was going though pictures this summer and saw this terrific one of my Mom and Dad on the beach, Mom  in this fabulous Turquoise feather hat! ( Yes on the beach yet!)

She sat and told me how she had written this story about the hat in her writing group a few years back and I asked if I could share.. ” oh of course dear! ”

1965 Hawaii - Mom and Dad with his new flight crew

Mommy, where are you!    by Lula Reed

Have you ever been charged by a six foot Emu? Well, if you have, you will know how scared I was. If you haven’t, you will be skeptical and requiring a little proof. Here it is.

The place was a wildlife reserve on the outskirts of Sydney. The emu was obviously intrigued by my colorful blue feather hat. “Mommy, is that you?, I could hear him calling, as he charged towards me, his large beady eyes, level with mine. The larger still, beak, appeared ready and eager to begin pecking, or whatever it is they do when they greet one of their kind. As our eyes locked, my heart sounded like jungle drums.

Mom holding on to her precious hat!


After the terror subsided, all I could think of was, “No, you are not going to have my adorable feather hat.” !!!

feeding the kangaroos

feeding the kangaroos

I had purchased this fully collapsible and expandable hat in Hawaii on the way to Australia in 1964, while accompanying my husband, Jack, on one of his South Pacific Vancouver-Sydney trips. It was perfect for wearing to the beach, concealing my curlers. That way, I could have fun and relaxation on the beach and then rush in the door to our hotel and be ready for dining and dancing. I would revel in the cleverness of this hat, which later, I replaced with black feathers, the blue ones having molted through the years.

I never had an emu or any other two legged creature come charging towards me, ever again. I guess the black feathers don’t have the same fascination, but then I don’t exactly test it in the wild anymore, either.

If I were in England, I could well have worn it to attend the festivities for Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee – She may have reigned for 60 years, but I have kept company with an Australian Emu and at age 80 my 48 year old hat is still wearable!

Thank you Mom!

xo Lisa


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